Sterling Silver Chugach Mountain Cuff • Skyline Series

Sterling Silver Chugach Mountain Cuff • Skyline Series

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Chugach Range: “Skyline Series” This design features 9 of the many mountains that make up the Chugach Range. From left to right: Wolverine Peak, Mt.Williwaw, O’Malley Peak, Powerline Pass, Flattop, Peak 3, Ptarmigan Peak, Suicide Peaks and McHugh Peak. What makes each individual cuff its own is not only the unique texture in the mountains featured. All the sterling silver used has seen and been worked by my hands many times before; as all the material has been reclaimed in-studio, melted down and cast. Each piece cast has been done so individually and although similar in appearance, are each unique in their individual finish and organic feel.

A little about the area. Anchorage, Alaska is located in South Central Alaska. Orientated in the middle of the two legs that stretch out and form the Aleutian Chain and Southeast Alaska. Anchorage has some incredible natural attributes with Turnagain Arm to the South, Kink and Denali to the North, Cook Inlet which turns into the Gulf of Alaska to the West and then to the East, the Chugach Front Range.


Please Note:

*These pieces are handcrafted and may have small imperfections or irregularities in the silver are part of what makes this piece truly unique and one of a kind.


Special Thanks:

Chugach Front Range - the first installment of the “Skyline Collection” was made in collaboration with local graphics company Hulin Graphics. Please check them out at A special thanks to my friends Nick + Heather who shared their knowledge in casting, generously has given me access to their equipment and helped me get to where I’m at in jewelry making/design today. I’ll be forever grateful.